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Role play scene two: Mat, Jon, Jessica and Dan

Posted on 2007.04.11 at 18:15
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Role play scene two: Mat, Jon and Jessica:

Scene Two:

Outside Mat and Dan's apartment
Later Jon and Jessica's house

 mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:08:46 PM): *Mat wakes up with a hell of a hangover hours later not realizing where he is his eyes settle on the broken glass all around him. He is completely sober now and he jerks up as the things he said to his precious Jonny come back to him and then what he did to him. He could barely breath. He wanted so badly to believe he was dreaming but the blood on the broken glass of the wind shield let him know that he was not. He could barely think as he took his cell phone out of this pocket and dialed the familiar number to call Dan.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:10:00 PM): *pulls the cell phone out of his pocket, flipping it open and pressing it to his ear "Ello?"*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:11:45 PM): *mat begins to sob into the phone when he hears his friends voice. He doesnt even know what to say. "Danny...I need you...." he says in between choking sobs.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:12:14 PM): "Where are you Mat?" asks a worried Dan*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:14:06 PM): *mat laughs a bit, feeling stupid but quickly goes back to sobbing. "I'm outside our apartment building in the wreck that is now my car. I got so drunk I passed out here. Danny I'm a horrible person."*
Dan Wiese  (4/4/2007 11:15:00 PM): *blinks and frowns* "I will be down right away, don't go anywhere." he hangs up the phone and comes downstairs, face paling at the SUV "What the hell did you hit?!" he exclaims*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:16:32 PM): *mat's face pales even more then normal barely able to look his friend in the eyes. "Jon..." he says quietly. "I hit Jon...I tried to hit Jessica but ended up hitting him."*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:17:34 PM): *Dans jaw drops "WHAT?! Where is he?!" he cries out "What the hell are you trying to do? Land yourself in jail Devine?!" his eyes huge he grabs his friend by the shoulders, shaking the smaller man*
Mat_Devine (4/4/2007 11:19:32 PM): *mat starts to cry again as Dan shakes him. "I don't know where he is. I dont know. I dont even remember getting here. I was so drunk. I just drove away and left him with her. Its over anyway, if he has me arrested what do I care...its all over." he admits in a small defeated voice.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:21:15 PM): *pulls him from the vehicle fully and gives him a quick hug "You need to give him time, no matter how much it hurts you." he whispered and pulled them both towards his van "We need to go over there, and check up on him"*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:22:42 PM): *mat pulls away and shakes his head. "NO! He hates me! I cant!" he cried and backed away. "You go, I cant! She is there too and if he doesnt do it, she surely will have me arrested."*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:23:22 PM): *shakes his head and grabs Mat "You have to show him you care or you will lose him, even if its putting your own ass on the line"*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:24:34 PM): *mat thinks about it for a minute and nods. "We will have to take your car, as you can see mine is pretty much fucked."*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:25:51 PM): *nods and pulls him to his van, letting him in and climbing into the drivers seat, he pulls out of the parking lot*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:28:44 PM): *mat stares out quietly. He is terrified that Jon is in the hospital or even worse dead. What if he had killed him. He knows that he fucked up for good this time. "Danny I kicked him out of the band too....before I hit him."*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:29:22 PM): *jaw drops* "You need to lay off the drinking"
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:30:40 PM): *he agrees. "Yes I do, but its the only thing that helps me deal with it all. I just wish he would leave her but now she might be pregnant." he gets nervous all over again as he sees Jonny's house up ahead of them.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:31:57 PM): *pulls over to the curb* "You stay here, I will go up and check on them"*
mat_devine (4/4/2007 11:33:01 PM): *"of course, he wont want to see me anyway...its all over." mat says softly*
jessica_stramer (4/4/2007 11:47:58 PM): *she sits up in bed rubbing at her eyes when she hears the doorbell rang. She slowly gets out of bed and slips on her robe. As she makes her way down the hall to the door she looking into the living seeing Jonny curled in a tight sleeping ball on the sofa where she left him. She makes her way to the door, praying its not Mat. She is relieved when she looks through the peephole and see Dan standing there. She opens the door and wearily steps back inviting him in.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:48:51 PM): *comes inside and pulls her into a hug "Are you okay Jessie? Hows Jon?" he asks, concern and weariness in his voice as well*
jessica_stramer (4/4/2007 11:50:59 PM): *she fights back the tears and nods at Dan. "I'm fine, just very tired. He is sleeping in the living room, I tried to get him to go to the hospital...Mat hit him with the car...well you probably already know. He wouldnt go and he wouldnt let me call the police or anyone."*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:52:06 PM): *nods and sighs "Things will work out, dont worry" he chucks her on the chin gentley and hugs her again "Go lay back down, you need rest. I'm going to go speak with your other half"*
jessica_stramer (4/4/2007 11:53:54 PM): *smiles weakly at Dan and points him to the living room. She gives Dan another hug before excusing herself to go back into her room and lie down.*
Dan Wiese (4/4/2007 11:57:02 PM): *reaches out and shakes Jonny calling out to him softly. "Jonny wake up. I need to talk to you."*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:05:54 AM): *jumps, waking up, sitting straight up and groans, wincing and then lays back down, he looks up at Dan "Hey.." he whispers, giving Dan an obvious fake smile, others would never have guessed but Dan knew him better then that*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:10:06 AM): *reaches out and ruffles his hair affectionately. He loved Jon so much almost like a kid brother since he was the baby of the band. He often wondered how Mat could treat him so horribly, he hated to admit it but part of him was actually happy when he had married Jessica because it was obvious that he was just going to continue to be misused by Mat. She was a sweet girl and treated Jonny how he deserved to be treated. He hated seeing the younger boy so beat up. "Hey...are you okay? Jessie said you wouldn't go to the hospital." he said. "Is this one of those things that looks worse then it feels...?" he attempted to make a joke wishing he could make the pain leave Jon's eyes.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:12:27 AM): *tries another smile, swallowing and blinking back tears "Yeah..Im fine" he tells his friend. "And yes I think it is one of those things Danny" he whispered and looks away, he wanted to disappear off the earth, he had hurt Jessica so badly and Mat hated him so much that he did not even call or care that he was hurt, he angerily wiped away a stray tear "Have you seen Mat? Did he send you here?"*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:15:08 AM): *stared at him. "Before I tell you anything do me one favor Radtke...dont lie to me. I know you too well. I can see right through it. I know every fake smile and I can sense every lie you tell." he assured Jonny. "Do you need to go to the hospital. Your wife is resting...I can take you right now."*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:17:09 AM): *shakes his head and whispers "No, Im just sore and Im sorry, and no Im not fine, are you happy now?" he looks up at him, lower lip trembling like a little child, blue eyes huge "Shes going to have my child, and I fucked everything up because I cant turn my feelings for Mat off, now Im out of a job too" he then begins to cry, drawing his knees to his chest and sobbing quite loudly into them*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:20:16 AM): *pulls Jon into his arms and lets him cry. "Its all going to be ok Jonny. I know you don't want to hear this but I'm going to be blunt, you have to make a decision. You cant have them both. You have a very difficult decision to make. I brought Mat to you. He is sitting out in my car terrified he has lost you and thinking the worst and that woman in there is pregnant with your child. Does she know about you and Mat now?" he asked*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:22:11 AM): *sobs into his shoulder, clutching him and not letting go "Yes, she knows" he studders between sobs "I dont want to hurt anyone, and I cant let her go..I love her so much and I love him so much, but he has been so horrible to me, she has never done a thing wrong, she is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest little thing I have ever met and the only girl I have ever loved. I just dont know what to do!" he wails*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:24:59 AM): *just holds Jonny and lets him cry. "As far as the band, none of us want to see you go but if you leave him we cant stop him from throwing you out. I mean we can all make his life hell but in the end he will follow through with whatever decision he wants to make. He formed the band and in his opinion he can destroy it too." he just wished he could help Jon make the decision but in the end that was up to him. "What are you going to do if you loose them both over this."*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:27:21 AM): *snorts softly "I would probably kill myself" he sighs*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:28:19 AM): *continues to hold Dan. "Are you ready to see Mat? Should I bring him up here or do you want me to take him home?" he asks*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:28:51 AM): *looks at him then at his lap "Yeah, bring him in"*
Dan Wiese (4/5/2007 12:30:17 AM): *"Do you want me to leave and come back later to pick him up so you can be alone with him?"*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:30:43 AM): *"No don't leave. Please...just wait out in the car" he whispers and pulls back from him*
Dan sends Mat into the apartment and waits in the car:
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:33:00 AM): *sits nervously on the bed after following Jonny into the guest room. "Is she asleep?" he asks.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:33:41 AM): *walks to the window and looks out, stuffing his hands in his pockets "Yeah, shes asleep" he whispers, barely loud enough for Mat to hear him*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:36:17 AM): *nods and sits quietly. "Im so sorry I hurt you. I was so drunk." he says finally. "I didnt know what I was doing. I just cant stand to see you with her. I know I fucked up but I swear I am ready to tell the whole world about us and be with you and only you if want me." he eyes fill with fresh tears.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:39:06 AM): *blinks slowly as tears fall down his face and he sniffles slowly "Shes pregnant Mat" he says hoarsely*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:40:08 AM): *nods and stares at the floor. "I guess you have made your decision then?" he asks not wanting to hear the answer.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:41:34 AM): *shrugs slowly "I dont know Mat..I can't trust you..I can't believe things you say..besides, you hate children anyway and I wont abandon my child for anyone" he wipes the tears from his cheeks "I love you both the same, and I can't have you both, and it's tearing me apart"*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:43:51 AM): *breaks down and starts crying. "I have to have you Jonny. I can't live without you! I mean every word I say. I was stupid then...so stupid. I won't let you down this time. Leave with me please, be mine." mat drops his head in his hands and sobs.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:44:54 AM): *turns on his heel and walks to him "You need to stop, Im not going anywhere any time soon"*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:46:28 AM): *mat starts to shake his head. "You dont understand! I want another chance I want you to be mine, leave her come home with me. I will do everything right this time. You wont have to give up your child just her..." he cried.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:47:29 AM): *screams "I cant! Dont you understand that?!" his voice lowers "I cant leave her, I have to be here to support her through this. I need you both."*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:50:24 AM): *without another word Mat gets up and walks towards the door. "Im sorry for everything that I did to you just always know that Im going to love you. I'm going to let her have you because its the only thing I can do. I cant share you. Im sorry." he opens the door and takes one look back at Jon before starting to walk out into the hall.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 12:54:10 AM): *watches him leave the room, and collapses to the floor, holding onto the window sill, sobbing, and holding himself with one arm, hoping Mat would turn around, come back and comfort him in some manner*
mat_devine (4/5/2007 12:58:03 AM): *he wanted so badly to run back to Jonny and throw himself into the comfort of his arms but he couldnt do it anymore. All he wanted was Jonny to tell him he would leave her and he knew that he wasnt going to do that so he had to shut his emotions off. He had to let go or it would kill him. Jonny belonged to her now and he just had to accept it. With his head down he walked silently to the door crying the whole way, he made it out of the house and unto the front porch before breaking down and falling to his knees unable to stop control himself, unable to stop the sobs that racked his frail body. Dan ran up to comfort him and help him to the car but he was oblivious to everything but his own pain. He looked back at the house one last time before letting Dan help him into the van that would take him home and away from Jonny.*"


killhannahx3 at 2007-04-12 02:13 (UTC) (Link)
ah... i'm gonna cry. i don't think i read the first part, but i'll go back and read it after i read the 3rd & 4th, good plot, you should write a story for this [it's a bit hard to read with the whole chat thing]
Hannah Devine
hannahdevine at 2007-04-12 02:45 (UTC) (Link)
I am actually planning on putting it into story form. I'm working on it now. I cleaned up the role play for that purpose. It's going to be a hell of a story though, the role plays already filled 78 pages on Word lol and it's not even done, I don't have all that we have done up yet either. I just thought I'd share. I'm sorry its so hard to read. Yeah Jessica is actually nice in this one too, it's one of the few things I actually made her nice in. If you have AIM add me sometime. xKi11xHannahx or Ms Hannah Devine.
killhannahx3 at 2007-04-12 03:12 (UTC) (Link)
k, cant wait for the story. i'll add you on aim tomorrow... got to get up early so night!
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