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Chapter One

Posted on 2007.03.01 at 21:41
Title:  Bruised and Broken Chapter One
Author: hannahdevine
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mat/Jon
Disclaimer: ******I don't own Kill Hannah or any of its memembers. I don't know them either. This is fiction for the entertainment purposes only. To my knowledge none of this ever happened and hopefully never will happen...just a product of my overactive imagination and too much time on my hands.*****
Summary:  Mat and Jonny are kidnapped and the future becomes uncertain for them...

It was a muggy night. Jonny took off his shirt, which was plastered to his thin frame from sweat. He threw himself down on the sofa and scowled at Mat who insisted on touching up his make-up. Jonny silently wished he would hurry. All that he had wanted was to go to sleep in his own bed for once. Mat had such a beautiful face that there no need for him to wear make-up anyway. Jonny knew how insecure he was without it however so he waited.
Jonny watched as the man he loved so dearly leaned against the vanity table in the small dressing area. He stared into the dimly lit mirror applying his eyeliner. Just the sight of Mat in his tight torn black jeans, topless with sweat glistening on his pale skin made Jonny's cock harden inside his loose boxers. He reached down running his hand over it on the outside of his shorts, thinking about how good it would feel to slip his hand in and jerk himself off. Mat picked that moment to look away from the mirror and give him a disappointed look. "Jonny, you better not get any idea's, that cock is all mine tonight." he chastised.
"Well," Jonny begin, "It will be if you would hurry up already, your worse then damn woman." He shifted a bit and separated the thin material at the opening of his boxers, letting his erection slip out for Mat to see, hoping it may persuade him to finish up a bit faster.
"Mmmmm, I'm almost done baby." Mat stared at Jonny's cock wantingly
before turning back to the mirror to finish up.
After a few more minutes, which seemed more like an eternity, Mat stepped away from the mirror. He made his way over to the sofa, where Jonny was reclining and watching him.
"I'm glad to see you waited for me baby," Mat said.
"Just get over here and kiss me," Jonny insisted.
Mat slid unto the sofa beside Jonny and was immediately pulled into his lovers embrace for a passionate kiss.
Jonny wrapped his arms around him and started to run his fingers through his hair giving it a light pull. Mat whimpered. Everything had to be gentle with him. Sometimes even sex itself had to be approached carefully. He was still very fragile and scared after his last relationship, where he had been violently abused in every way.
Jonny put his finger to Mat's lips "Shhhh, baby I'll be careful. I'm not going to hurt you." Mat smiled shyly and took his finger into his mouth, sucking on it teasingly.
Jonny moaned softly his hips bucking slightly.
Mat rested his head on Jonny's shoulder and softly traced his finger over his bare chest. "So are you going to get dressed anytime?" he inquired, "So we can get out of here before someone walks in on us?"
They were still backstage in the dressing room after the show. Dan and Greg had already left with the van. Jonny had driven his own car over so that they could have it to drive home in.
"Are you being shy Mati?"
Mat blushed. "Maybe a little, but you have been the one bitching all night about how you just want to go home and sleep in your own bed for once."
"But right now all I want is you..." Jonny started to kiss down Mat's throat towards his chest.
Mat moaned but he knew he had to stop him before things got too involved. "Come on, you get dressed and we can go home and we will both get what we want," he reached down to Jonny's exposed erection and traced his finger lightly over the sensitive underside. "I get to do what I want to you in our own bed, and then we can pass out in it together."
Jonny sighed. "You drive a hard bargain Mati but I think you've got yourself a deal. However if you keep doing that I don't think you'll be able to get me to move, and remember I have to drive the car."
"You trust me with your cock but not your car? I just don't get you Jonny! I have to wonder which one means more..." Mat teased.
Jonny laughed. "Well I don't think I could live without either one that's for sure. But I've seen how you drive and thank god you don't treat my cock like you treat your car...or should I say car's."
It was a long standing joke about Mat's horrible driving abilities. He had wrecked morel cars then they could remember and they all wondered how long his newest one would last.
As for Jonny he loved his car. He had worked so hard for it as he had everything else in his life since he had been thrown out by his parents and left to fend for himself at the tender age of 16. Nothing came easy to him, unlike Mat who grew up comfortable and slightly spoiled.
Mat pulled his hand back and sat up. "Now get dressed! Besides I want a cigarette before we go home and I know that I can't smoke in your car."
"That rule won't change. I need a cigarette as well though so let me get dressed and I'll smoke one with you." Jonny said as he pulled his pants on over his boxers and started looking for where he'd thrown his shirt.
Mat put his shirt back on and checked his make-up in the mirror once more. Jonny had finished dressing, he grabbed his keys and wallet off the coffee table and stuffed them back in his pants pocket.
He turned to Mat holding out his hand. "Are you ready?"
Mat smiled and eagerly took his hand and they set out to have a cigarette together before heading home to make love.
They leaned up against the building in the deserted back parking lot of the small club and Mat took his pack of cigarettes and lighter out of his back pocket. "Do you want your own or should we just share one so we can get home?"
"Let's just share one," Jonny suggested taking one out of the pack Mat was holding. "That way we can get home sooner and I can fuck you like I've been dying to do all day."
Mat's mouth curled into a smirk and he handed the lighter to Jonny. "Might need this to light the cigarette so that we can get home and I can take you up on that."
Jonny laughed and took the lighter. He lit it up, took a long drag and then passed it to Mat.
Mat took a drag of the cigarette and handed it back to Jonny. He rested his head against Jonny's shoulder. Jonny smiled down at him and placed a protective arm around his small frame. "I love you Mati." He assured him.
"I know, I love you too." Mat answered and yawned, just as a big van pulled into the parking lot.
Mat and Jonny both looked up to see the passenger window roll down and a pretty blond woman stick her head out. "Hi boys," she called out "Me and my friends saw you guys standing out here and wanted to stop and make sure that everything is okay?"
Jonny smiled at her. "Oh yes, we're ok. Thanks for asking." He kept his arm around Mat, if they didn't like it fuck them he thought, he was in love for the first time in his life. Mat snuggled a little closer, looking cautiously at the woman.
"Okay we just wanted to make sure. This isn't the best area to be out at this time of night. Just don't want you guy's getting hurt." She stated "Do you need a ride anywhere?"
"Oh no," Jonny pointed proudly to the beautiful new cherry red mustang in the back of the parking lot "My car is right over there."
"Nice ride." She looked at Mat a little more closely. "Hey! Nice shirt! I love The Cure!"
Mat smiled shyly. "Thank you."
"What are you boy's doing out here if you don't mind me asking?" she tossed the cigarette she had been smoking out the window. "Oh by the way, my name is Hannah and it's nice to meet you."
Jonny grinned. "Well Hannah nice to meet you too. Were in a band and this is our home town. We just wrapped up a tour and gave a welcome home show tonight for all our local fans. This is our first night back, we were just having a cigarette before we head home."
"Kick ass! What band?" she asked.
"How funny that you ask. Our bands name is actually Kill Hannah." Jonny said laughing. Mat smiled nervously.
"Wow fucking cool! I've heard you guys on the radio before. You're pretty good. So which one of you is the singer?" Hannah asked.
"That would be the lovely Mat," Jonny said proudly squeezing him a bit tighter.
"Well lovely Mat, it's nice certainly nice to meet you," Hannah replied. "Do you boy's smoke anything other than cigarettes?"
"Hell yeah," Jonny exclaimed. "I was actually looking forward to getting some weed now that we are back home."
"Well tonight is your lucky night guys. How about having a joint with us as a welcome home present, maybe Mat can even give us a little performance of one of your songs," she winked at them.
"That sounds great, what do you think Mati?" Jonny looked at Mat hopefully.
Mat's eyes got a bigger and he gave Jonny a weary look. "I don't know, I kind of wanted to get home, I'm pretty tired." He stated.
"Oh come on Mat it won't be more than a few minutes and we'll go home with a nice buzz too." Jonny's blue green eyes sparkled.
"Oh come on Mat!" Hannah said "Let's have a little fun! It's on us. We missed your show but we can still give you guys a hell of a welcome home!"
Mat gulped nervously, he could tell how much Jonny wanted it so he reluctantly shook his head and agreed. Jonny squeezed tightly him and took his hand and they headed towards the van.
Hannah jumped out excitedly and ran up to them. She grabbed Jonny's hand, shook it and then reached out for Mat's. She held it a bit longer than he would have liked, making him even more nervous.
They heard the driver's side door open and then a tall, muscular bald man came walked around to stand beside her.
"This is my brother Ritchie," she introduced the man and he too held out his hand to shake both of there hands.
"Hi Ritchie. Nice to meet you," Jonny said shaking his hand.
Mat timidly shook the man's hand. He had such a bad feeling welling up in the pit of his stomach about this situation but he couldn't quite figure out why.
"Ritchie has the joint, we'll just go hang out in the back of the van and smoke it if that's ok?" Hannah asked.
"Oh yeah," Jonny answered "That will be just fine."
Mat and Jonny followed them to the back of the van, where Ritchie unlocked the door and helped Hannah into the van which was pitch black inside. She noticed that both guys hesitated a little about getting in "It's okay once we get inside Ritchie will turn on the inside light and it will be a little more inviting in here," Hannah assured them. She reached out for Mat's hand which he took and climbed inside.
Ritchie looked at Jonny who was stood beside him. "Your turn," he said grabbing the smaller man roughly by the shoulders.
Before he even knew what was going on he heard a muffled cry from inside the van. He was forced inside quickly and the van door slammed shut behind him, he tried to crawl back towards the door but then he heard Hannah laugh in the darkness. "He locks it from the outside, its no use." She said. Jonny felt a terrible mixture of sickness and defeat when he heard the sound of the door lock snapping into place.
Ritchie got inside and turned on the light. "You got the little fags ok?" He asked looking back.
Hannah just laughed. "Yeah we already dosed this one," she said holding up a needle. Mat was in leaning against her breast, looking around very groggily.
"MATI!" Jonny cried out "What have you done to him!" She shot forward trying to reach out to him when he heard a voice behind him.
"The same thing I'm about to do to you," came another voice from behind him. He hadn't even realized the other muscular man behind him since it had been so dark. He looked up, his eyes wide with fear, as the man seized him around the neck. He held out a needle similar to the one Hannah had been used on Mat.
Hannah laughed looking directly into Jonny's eyes. She deliberately slid her hand down Mat's chest making her way to his crotch, cupping him on the outside of his tight jeans.
Jonny's eyes became wide with rage. He tried to free himself to get to Mat, but it was useless. The man that was holding him down was much too strong.
"That one is pretty feisty," Hannah giggled still touching Mat. "I don't think he likes me touching his friend like this." Mat lay completely limp like a doll against her chest, he groaned but didn't move.
"Probably not," the man holding Jonny answered.
Jonny started to struggle and the man tightened his arm around his neck, looking down with a look of warning on his face. "If you don't stay still this can get a lot uglier, I promise you that. Your worth a lot of money to us and although I can't kill you, I will make you very uncomfortable, do you understand?" The man spat in his face. Jonny nodded and the man relaxed his arm once again.
"Yeah we can strip you down and hog tie you," Hannah informed him. She ran her hands through Mat's dark hair. "Aw Ritchie, do we have to sell this one? I wish I could keep him, he's just so cute."
"Give it up Hannah, you know how it works. The money is what matters, but you can do whatever you'd like with him and the other one for all I care before we sell him sell them off." Ritchie replied with a short laugh, he looked back at the man holding Jonny. "Are you going to dose this one already so we can get out of here?"
The man nodded and lifted the needle to Jonny's arm. He didn't put up a fight, he was defeated and he knew it. He bit his lip, feeling the quick sting as the needle punctured the skin on his bicep.
The last thing Jonny remembered as everything went black around him was the small whimper that escaped from Mat's delicate mouth as the van jerked into motion.       

Chapter Two Coming Soon....

*Please read and review and go easy on me this is my first time posting*                                                                                                                                                                            


imjustdifrent at 2007-03-03 15:55 (UTC) (Link)
We have a problem.
Chapter Two just pulled a Houdini and disappeared from my computer!

I have the first chapter, but the second one's gone. So I need you to either email it to me or bring it back up real quick, if you can. TY!
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