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Chapter Three

Posted on 2007.04.06 at 21:23
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Title: Bruised and Broken
Author:  hannahdevine
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mat/Jon
Disclaimer: ******I don't own Kill Hannah or any of its memembers. I don't know them either. This is fiction for the entertainment purposes only.  This is FAKE. None of this happened, and if it did... I would probably cry.  It's just a product of my overactive imagination, I have too much time on my hands.
This chapter contains forced bondage, as well as nudity. The chapters following get worse, so if you get squeamish, I'd stop here.  I am also not responsible for underage readers. Please respect the rating, the warning, and any laws your state or country may have set in regards to erotica and the like.
Mat and Jonny are kidnapped and the future becomes uncertain for them...



Jon awoke suddenly to a sharp kick in his side. The new pain caused his eyes to snap open. He was quickly ripped out of the comfort of Mat’s arms where he had been lucky enough to fall asleep. 


“What did I tell you?” Ritchie yelled in Jon's face as he yanked the terrified boy violently off the ground. “I told you to break up the love fest! After the example I'm about to make of you, I'm sure neither you or you're little lover will ever disobey me again."


Jon hadn't realized that they had been sleeping so soundly.  He normally was known to be a very light sleeper as was Mat.  Jon began to have his doubts as to whether or not Ritchie had really even tried to wake them before slamming his foot into his rib cage.


Ritchie proceeded to shake Jon so forcefully that he was sure that the frail guitarist would break. “Answer me when I talk to you! What do you have to say for yourself, sissy boy?”


“I’m sorry,” Jon cried out pathetically. “Please stop!”


“Stop?!" Ritchie shoved Jon roughly causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. “Don’t you ever tell me what to do! Do you hear me?”


Jon nodded; his eyes widening with fear as he watched Ritchie unbuckle his belt. The man held the thick leather in one hand, and proceeded to yank Jon up off the ground by his hair with the other. He pulled him up to the van and kicked the back door shut, slamming Jon face first against it.


“You want to disobey? Fine." Ritchie said tauntingly. He folded the belt in half and began to strike Jon repeatedly across his lower back and ass. Jon yelped in agony with each lashing, and he could hear Mat sobbing and pleading in the background.


Jon felt as if he was dying, his skin was on fire and the lashes just kept coming. He was so dizzy and was sure that his legs would give out soon enough.  He forced himself to remain standing, not wanting to anger Ritchie any more, mainly due to fear of death.


“Ritchie! Give me the belt” Charlie ran up to attempt to stop the beating. “You’re going to kill him! He can’t take much more. Come on give me the belt.” he coaxed.  Ritchie reluctantly stopped and handed the makeshift whip over to Charlie. “Go away, and don’t come back till you have gained some composure.” Charlie insisted. Ritchie nodded and walked away.


Hannah came up behind Charlie and took Jon by the chain. “Can you walk with me,” she asked him softly. “Just over to the grass where you can lie down.” Jon nodded and followed her, but every step was agony. She led him to a shaded area beneath a large tree and helped the weak boy lie down on the grass beside Mat. Mat gently pulled Jon towards him and rested the guitarist's head on his lap, stroking his hair and telling him he loved him. Tears streamed down his face as he thought about the pain that his lover was obviously enduring.


Hannah came back with a cooler. Most of the ice had already melted into water. She sat it down and handed Mat a rag.  “Run this over his back... It will soothe the welts." She told him.


Mat nodded and dipped the rag into the water. Softly, he ran the rag over Jon’s swollen, bruised skin. Jon cried out as the rag came in contact with his battered flesh. Mat shushed him softly. “I know it hurts baby, but this will take a bit of the sting out.” He dipped the rag into the cool water a few more times and ran it over his lover’s back. When he finished he took the cool rag and began to wash Jon’s face.


Hannah sat down on the grass beside Mat. “Sometimes he gets a little out of control.” She stated bluntly. Mat nodded.  Even though he didn’t like her, he was beginning to believe that she may have a human side to her that her two companions blatantly lacked. 


“What is going to happen to us?” Mat asked looking at the ground not knowing if he actually wanted the answer.


“We’re going to be driving till we reach Mexico . Once we are there we will be selling you to people who run slave auctions.” There was little emotion in her voice. "Then you'll be sold to the highest bidder."


He didn’t know how to handle what he had just been told. “Will we be sold together?” he asked calmly, his eyes fixed upon the fragile boy in his arms.


“If you’re lucky.  And someone wants to buy both of you. Don’t get your hopes up though. I really just don't know. We’ll drop you off together but whatever happens from there won’t be up to me.” Hannah told him.


Mat stared down at Jon’s beautiful face, wondering what he would do if they took him away. He didn’t know how he would live without him; in the two years that they had been together, the longest time they'd spent away from each other was a grueling one week when Mat was visiting his parents. They didn’t know about his relationship with Jon at that point and during the week Mat had missed his lover terribly and ended up returning home earlier than he was originally scheduled.


“Why are you doing this to us?” Mat asked Hannah.


“It’s my job.  It’s nothing personal against you... or your friend... or anyone that came before you or will come after you. It's just a job like any other." She answered.


“But it’s illegal...  What about the lives you help to destroy?”


She shrugged, a small smile on her face. “Rest up, we have a long way to go, at least another two days worth of traveling.” She stood up, stretched and started to walk away.


“I’m hungry,” Mat called out to her boldly.


“Yeah? I’ll go see what I can do about that. Take care of your friend.” She then walked off towards Ritchie and Charlie.


Mat took the rag and dipped it in the slightly chilled water and washed his own filthy face and hands.  Both were dirtied from spending so much time on the ground and the floor of the van. He would have given anything right then for the refreshment of a shower.


He smoothed Jon’s sweaty hair back and leaned down to kiss him on his forehead. Jon stirred a bit and moaned in agony.  “Jonny? Are you okay? Do you want me to run some more water over your back?” he offered. Jon nodded his head slowly and Mat pulled the rag out of the cooler and dripped some of the water over his welted back again.  He groaned and bit his lower lip to keep from crying out again.


Mat kept a watchful eye on Hannah and the other two men, and if he listened closely, he could just barely hear what they were saying. Charlie was angry at Ritchie for loosing control of himself and beating Jon so badly.


“You have to get a grip Ritchie, do you realize what that could have cost us? You could have even killed him,” the man insisted. “The people that buy them want to break them themselves, not purchase them already damaged by someone else’s carelessness.  I just hope he doesn't end up permanently scarred. It could reduce his value.  Hit him if you must, just to show him who is boss, but I never want to see you take the abuse to that level again."


Hannah cocked her head to the side.  “Can we still take advantage of them?  You know sexually?” she giggled. Charlie and Ritchie both stared at her like she had asked the dumbest question ever to grace their ears.  “Rape them silly for all I care, but," he turned his attention back to Ritchie. “No more welts and no more bruises.” Charlie muttered.


“Believe me there won’t be any of that involved in what I have in mind.” Hannah said with a laugh while winking at Charlie, who in turn rolled his eyes at her.


Mat quietly listened. He wondered what sexual violation they would be forced to endure this time. What she said had sent a shiver up his spine, even in the horrible heat of the afternoon.


“Oh yeah, before I forget, the quiet one, uh Mat I think his name was,” She pondered.


“How the hell would I know?” Charlie replied. "And why the hell would I even care."


“Well anyway, he’s hungry,” She informed the men. “The other one probably could use something to eat too.”


“We will have to stop somewhere.” Ritchie answered.


“Do we have anything we can give them now?” Hannah questioned.


“Not right now but let’s go round them into the van and we’ll get on the road and find a place to stop.” Ritchie stood up and started walking towards them with Charlie and Hannah following him.


“That one that you beat up isn’t going to be able to walk, I’ll have to carry him.” Charlie complained.  He bent down and lifted Jon’s limp body out of Mat’s arms. Jon winced as the man’s rough arm brushed against his back. Ritchie knelt down and gripped Mat’s chain, and with a forceful jerk he ordered the frightened man to stand up and follow him.  Mat did so quickly.


Charlie carried Jon towards the van and placed him on his stomach on the grimy van floor.  Mat climbed in quickly and sat down beside him quietly.


“I’m going to sit up front with Ritchie, can you handle them both alone?” Charlie asked Hannah.


“Of course,” She shooed him out of the way and climbed into the back of the van and sat down beside Mat.


The back door of the van was slammed shut and once again the sound of it being locked from the outside could be heard. Ritchie and Charlie got into the front of the van and the engine was started. Charlie reached back and handed Hannah two needles filled with clear liquid.


“Just in case they get out of hand.” He told her.


She nodded, taking the syringes and placing them behind her; out of Mat’s reach but close enough to her that she could get to them if she needed them. The daylight was dwindling and the van soon became dark as well.


“Are we going to eat soon?” Mat asked quietly.


“Yep, were going to stop somewhere.” She answered running her long nails through his thick brown, blonde streaked hair. He hated her touch but to avoid angering her, he remained silent while she did what she wanted to him.


He reached out for Jon so he could pull him into his arms, but Hannah stopped him. “Leave him be and let him rest,” She whispered in his ear and pulled Mat a bit closer to her. He cringed as he felt her hand sliding down his bare chest and lightly brushing his cock. His breath caught in his chest and a tear trickled down his cheek. She softly ran her finger over his slit. He didn’t want to get turned on, he tried to make himself think about anything other than what she was doing to him but she was too good and his body betrayed him. His cock hardened at her expert touch, a bit of pre-cum oozed out and she utilized it as a lubricant, massaging it onto the head of his erection. Mat moaned softly despite his hatred of the situation.


“Do you like it?” She whispered. Too afraid to tell her no, he just nodded.


In the fading sunlight that streamed through the windows, Jon could see Hannah grasping Mat’s hard cock and beginning to work him to orgasm. He could see the tears glistening in his lover’s eyes and rolling down his mascara-stained face as he tried to fight his natural male urges and deny himself any pleasure from the uncomfortable situation.


Jon stared in anger and wished death upon the hateful bitch. Fury welled up inside of him and bitter tears of helplessness filled his eyes.  He wanted to look away and pretend it wasn’t happening but he couldn’t. Hannah knew he was watching and gave him her best smirk while continuing her work on Mat, who neared climax with every stroke.  She debated finishing him with her mouth but decided to save that for later. 


Mat felt Jon’s gaze upon him and looked over giving him the most heartbreaking look in the midst of his unwanted pleasure.  He mouthed, barely above a whisper, “I’m sorry” and quickly looked down shamefully as he began to cum and as his fragile body trembled in orgasm.


“Good boy!” Hannah exclaimed making sure to catch it all with her hand. “Don’t you feel all better now that you got your pretty little rocks off?” she laughed. “I even have a special treat for your sweetheart for being so cooperative.”


Jon looked up hesitantly as she climbed carefully over Mat.  She stuck her hand, covered in cum, in Jon’s face.  “I’m going to let you clean your little lover boy’s cream.”  She reached out and grabbed him by the hair with her free hand and forced his face towards the one held out before him.  “Lick it off, I want you to clean every last drop off my hand and if its not so clean I can eat out of it, guess what I’m going to do?” she inquired.


When he didn’t answer, she yanked his head up level to her own and stared him squarely in the eyes.  “Well fucker, are you going to guess?” she screamed.


“I-I don’t know, I’m not good at guessing.” he said in the calmest voice he could muster. “Could you please tell me though?”


“That’s what I wanted to hear, good boy.” She released her grip a little. “Don’t worry I’m going to tell you. If that naughty little tongue of your's doesn't clean my hand as well as I could clean it the sink, I’m going to make Mat go down on me and I’m going to make sure you watch every second of it.”


Jon wanted to scream at her but forced himself to stay quiet. He had no idea what she may do if he gave into that urge.


Hannah smiled sadistically.  “Now, are you going to be a good boy like Mat was for me and do exactly as I say?”


“Yes.”  He answered quickly.


“Good, now get started.”  She shoved her hand towards his mouth.  He began to flick his tongue over her small hand. Tasting Mat's cum was something that in any other situation he would have enjoyed, however this was different. This was humiliating and degrading, making every single flick of his tongue almost painful. Jonathan Radtke’s spirit was quickly being broken.  He couldn’t think about that now, and instead concentrated on the task at hand careful to make sure he wasn’t missing any. 


“You’re pretty good with that tongue.  Maybe I’ll let you lick me instead of Mat. Because I’m going to tell you a little secret, no matter how good you clean my hand, I’ve already decided one of you is going down on me tonight.”


Jon felt even sicker then he had all day after hearing what she had just told him.  “Well that doesn’t mean you don’t have to finish this!” She yelled when he stopped licking her hand. “I’ll tell you when you’re done.”


Jon once again ran his tongue over her hand even though pretty much all of Mat’s cum was long since gone.  He continued licking just to satisfy her.


Hannah jerked her hand away.  “Okay that’s enough.  Save that tongue for later Jonny-boy, you’ll need it. I can last as long as I need to.”  She patted him on the head and crawled back over Mat to resume her original spot.


Mat’s eyes met with Jon’s again and he silently reached out and touched his face.  Jon would have given anything at that moment not to be wearing the damned handcuffs that bound his hands tightly behind his back.  He wanted to wrap his arms around Mat and tell him that it would all be okay. He did the only thing he could do to show his affection at moment. He pulled himself forward and nuzzled his face against Mat’s soft hand and kissed it softly.


Darkness had fallen at last and everything was dark and silent inside the van that had become their prison, Jon crawled silently into Mat’s arms where he was willingly accepted.


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