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Role Play Scene Three: Jon and Jessica

Posted on 2007.04.11 at 18:48
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Role play scene two: Jon and Jessica:

Scene Three:

Jon and Jessica's bedroom

jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:00:29 AM): *Jonny gets up from the floor and walks downstairs, opening the door to their bedroom, he watches Jessica sleep for a few moments before crawling into bed beside her, wrapping an arm around her slowly, not wanting to wake her up for fear she would reject him*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:02:26 AM): *wakes up as she feels Jonny crawl into bed beside her. She reaches for his arm and pulls it around her tighter resting it on her stomach not saying anything, just holding him there.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:03:13 AM): *smiles a little bit and places his palm flat on her belly, kissing her shoulder softly still too afraid to say anything*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:04:46 AM): *she sighs. "Did Danny leave?" she finally asked.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:05:00 AM): *nods "Yeah"*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:06:55 AM): *not knowing that Mat was there she asks. "Did he say if Mat was ok?" she shouldnt care about the bastard but she knew how he probably felt.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:07:53 AM): *nods "Yeah. He's okay but he hates us"*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:09:58 AM): *she sighs again. "Maybe he'll change his mind." she turns to look him in the eye. "I want you to know that if you choose him, I wont hate you Jonny...I wont ever hate you and I wont take our baby from you. You mean so much to me that your happiness matters to me. If its him that makes you happy then I want you to go to him." it broke her heart to say it but she meant what she said.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:14:06 AM): *pulls her close and shakes his head "I know that baby, but I can't leave you. I love you. I want you" he hugs her and pats her tummy. "I want the family we are going to form."*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:14:48 AM): *"so your choosing me?" she asks softly.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:15:04 AM): *looks at her and nods "Yes"*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:16:06 AM): *she continues staring into his beautiful blue eyes. "What if I weren't pregnant? Who would you choose?"*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:17:32 AM): *looks into her eyes "It would still be you and I told you that earlier too. I married you because I love you."*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:20:27 AM): *she snuggles into his chest and kisses him over his shirt. "If you really want him I wont go away. You don't have to choose between us. I know he will never let it happen but if he would then I'd be willing to let you have us both. I was just hurt before because you didnt tell me. But I can accept your love for him, he's not another woman." she told him meaning what she said.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:22:57 AM): *smiles at her and kisses her hand "I love him but he wont accept that, I know Mat too well. I would feel so horrible to do that to you. Making you share just for my own selfishness. I would have told you but I didn't know you'd be so understanding."*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:24:33 AM): *runs her fingers through his hair. "I am always understanding of you Jon. I will accept it if you can find a way to convince him. I want you to be happy and if you being happy means sharing you with Mat than I will do it. I just think that if I were in love with another woman you would do the same for me. Not that I am." she said shyly.*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:25:48 AM): *buries his face in her neck and smiles. "I would if you loved another woman, because its not a threat like another man would be" he told her. "The perfect thing would be all of us to be together and loving one another, but thats a joke. It's not even fair and I'm horrible for wanting it." he huffs*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:28:44 AM): *she nods. "Your not horrible for wanting any of this, it would actually be beautiful. Sadly though life is never perfect. I could love Mat, I actually was in love with him back when we went to school together." she blushed because she had never told him any of this. "But he would never feel the same about me. However if he would only agree he could at least be yours. I just wish he didnt hate me so much and that he wouldnt see me as a threat. I wish you would have told me this all along, I dont like there to be secrets between us."*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:32:28 AM): *smiles and holds her. "You don't like there to be secrets between us and you never told me you had loved Mat in school!" he teased her. "I hated that I never told you too, I just thought I'd loose you. We should never keep secrets from him each other again." he had to laugh again. "Did Mat know you liked him in school? This makes things all the more interesting!"*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:35:30 AM): *cuddles up against Jons chest "Nope he never knew, I think he viewed me as a sister. We were such good friends and I was so shy but I was crazy about him." she yawned. "I'll tell you more about it all later. I'm so tired. You really should go and clean yourself up so you dont get infection from those cuts on your face." she pulls the blankets back over her and gets more comfortable. "After that Jonny, you should go to him. Talk to him and tell him how you feel. Tell him I'm not a threat."*
jonathan_radtke (4/5/2007 1:37:46 AM): *nods and kisses her softly and gets out of bed, going to the bathroom to clean up so that he can go and see Mat.*
jessica_stramer (4/5/2007 1:38:51 AM): *feels him get out of bed but quickly falls asleep.*


killhannahx3 at 2007-04-12 02:18 (UTC) (Link)
eh, bit sappy for me... Jessica, Jon and Mat... I mean, i know this isn't a pre-thought out plot, but it's a bit farfetched... very good though.
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